So, the journey begins with clearly defining a “why”. Any person’s motivation in life must be driven by strong and passionate reasons. I defining my own “why” by first exploring what has made me happy in my life in the past, what currently makes me happy, and what I believe will make me happy in the future. Some culmination of these should result in a strong motivation, right?

Easier said than done. Truly identifying what it is that makes you happy about a certain event or situation takes quite a bit of exploration and reflection. For example, what is it about me going home to visit my family that actually makes me happy? Is it being surrounded by people that are familiar and I have old memories with? Is it the fact that my parents have done so much for me and seeing them proud of my accomplishments thus far? Is it simply the being re-immersed in my childhood environment that stirs emotions of being carefree and full of child-like excitement? Is it all of the above? Defining whatever truly and actually makes you happy in each of these events and situations will give you a clear path towards defining a meaning and purpose for your actions.

So, in a nutshell, here is what motivates me:

  1. Family. The fact that my parents have sacrificed so much for my sister and my happiness drives me with a force unlike any other. The drive stems from the thought of being able to give them back a small piece of what they’ve given me, whether it be helping them retire or just taking them on well-deserved vacations.
  2. Fulfillment. To most, the thought of living an unfulfilled life is a greatly terrifying one. To me, the thought of living an unfulfilled life has never crossed my mind. Since I was a kid, I’ve never had a problem with pushing myself. Or with self-discipline. My sister and I are very similar in that respect (qualities we’ve been blessed to acquire from my father, who has never not worked a day in his life). So, I already know I’m out on a journey. It’s just a matter of more clearly defining what that journey should be (it can and very well be multiple journeys with overlapping and crossing paths).
  3. Prove to the world, prove to myself……that I can accomplish whatever I want to accomplish. It’s never been a motivation of mine to prove someone wrong; I feed off of positive energy. I do better proving someone right, and even surpassing their expectations. So, part of my “why” is proving to myself that I can have whatever I want in this life (emotional, mental, and material). I want to be rich, but not in the traditional sense. I want to be rich in every single aspect of my life. Rich in love. Rich in knowledge (shoutout to Tai Lopez). Rich in experience. And of course, rich in wealth. At this point I know with all my heart that money is the key to freedom, which is a crucial key to finding happiness.

Check out this awesome TED talk on the importance of your “why”:


Again, would be happy to discuss anything with ya’ll. Hit me up.


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