The Move

Well, fate called yesterday. It’s time to move.

I’ve felt the urge to immerse myself in a new environment for the past few months, but didn’t see myself acting upon that urge for at least another year. But, just last night, a new opportunity came up and with it, and offer I can’t refuse. I know, I know, sounds rather vague. But I will explain to you guys as time passes and as the opportunity more concretely materializes…

Anyways, the move. It’s going to be quite stressful, but hopefully it goes smoothly. Luckily I’ve already found a good moving company to help me out (check them at I’ve moved before, but never on my own.

Ever since my family left the state, and my girlfriend of 2 years and I decided to go our separate ways, I’ve wanted to get outta here. So this is it! A bit about the opportunity:

  1. It involves sales. Which will allow me to further develop my interpersonal and persuasive skills.
  2. It’s with a start-up. This will give me exposure to risk, which I will absolutely need in the future.
  3. It involves management. Another great experience I’m very much looking forward to. I’m planning on being in management roles in the future, and this will be the first official management position I will be assigned.

So, if you can tell, I’m pretty excited for this new change. It’s going to bring with it so many positive things!


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