Hi there, everyone! Such a crazy few days since the job opportunity came up. I’ve been working really hard to figure out the logistics, and a few things are more difficult than expected. The apartment situation specifically is giving some trouble. Just can’t find a place I like! I’ve seen a few affordable 3-4 bedroom apartments, but I’d prefer something with less people. I have a lot to focus on right now and want to keep distractions to a minimum.

Anyways, wanted to discuss my health with ya’ll. I’ve made a conscious decision to get the most out of this transition as possible. It’s a big change, and I feel like I can utilize it to spur many other positive changes in my life. My health and fitness is one. I’d like to get my fitness level back to what it was when I was in college. Work has caused me to neglect my body. I haven’t been cooking much for obvious reasons, but I’m determined to make some big changes along with the move.

Glad to have you guys along for the ride!


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